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Zandie Khumalo Is The New Kid On The Block

Meet Zandie Khumalo, the younger singer of Kelly Khumalo, who has recently launched a solo singer career and is taking the South African music industry by storm.

With her latest single, ‘Bittersweet’, currently playlisted on numerous radio stations across South Africa and charting on the Metro FM Top 40, we endeavoured to find out a bit more about the young music artist.

Q. Who is Zandile Khumalo? Tell us about yourself.

I am a musician, a wife, an aunt to two beautiful kids, a Christian and I am a daughter, a sister and a God-fearing woman. 

Q. When did you discover your passion for music and what steps did you take to pursue it?

My passion for music has always been there, but it was just the matter of knowing where to go and which doors to knock on. I entered multiple music competitions just to see how I far would go and, of course, to learn a few things from competing musicians.

Q. When did you start writing songs and what’s the title of your first song?

I never used to write down my songs initially. Every time I’d get a melody in my head, I’d just put words to it and sing it. After I realised that I wanted to pursue music as a career, I started recording my melodies.

Q. Who was your role model when growing up? How did they contribute to your current success?

God is my role model. When I read the Bible I learned that we should “love thy neighbour as thyself” [Mark 12:31] and “forgive seventy times seven” [Matthew 18:21-22], which is something we don’t do enough. We are just so quick to write people off! So, I aspire to love like Him, forgive like Him and do many other things like Him. When it comes to my career, God has given me all that I’ve asked him for. Right now I’m signed under an amazing record label, Mabala Noise, and I have an amazing team that makes sure that my brand is one of a kind. God has played a major role in making sure that I am well taken care of in all aspects of life.

Q. Your first debut single, Themba, sold over 3 000 units on iTunes, how did this make you feel?

I first thought Themba was recorded for my ears only, until I heard it on the radio. From there it went to selling 3 000 units in a week. That was unbelievable!

Q. How do you deal with the challenges you face as a woman in South African music industry?

It can be a challenge having a sister in the spotlight. Sometimes, my music isn’t played on certain platforms due to their pre-existing relationship or interaction with my sister, Kelly.

Q. What kind of influence did your parents have on your success?

I was raised by a single mother and we have an amazing relationship. Both she and my sister have been there with me the whole way. My mother encouraged me to branch out and do my thing, because she saw so much potential in me that I didn’t see. At this point she is very proud of me and happy that I took her advice.

Q. What’s your biggest motto in life?

To be the best that I can be in what God has designed me to be.

Q. What is your advice to young women who would like to pursue their dreams?

Find out what it is that God has brought you for on earth and go for it. Don’t give up. Regardless of the challenges, keep believing; never be in doubt and all will work out.

Q. When you’re not singing or writing songs, where can we find you?

You will find me on stage performing and doing what I love. Follow me on @zandie_khumalo_gumede for updates on my performances such as Jazz in July on 2 July 2017.

Images: Sheila Afari PR

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