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Your Relationship Might End Because Of These Things

Some relationships seem to have been written in the stars, some crash and burn like a meteorite and others fade into a trail of dust like the tail of a comet.

While you cannot predict what will happen in the future, there are a few warning signs that your relationship is failing …

  1. Lack of trust. A relationship without trust is doomed. If you or your partner are the jealous type or have insecurity and fidelity issues, try communicating your fears with each other, face to face or with the help of a professional.

  2. You’re just not in the same place. You might be in different stages in life, especially in terms of career and family goals, so it can be challenging to settle down for both of you.

  3. One person is in control more than the other. If one or the other partner dominates or controls the relationship, it is unbalanced and unhealthy.

  4. You’ve grown apart. Your partner will not be the same in one, two or 20 years from now and neither will you. Life is about growth and change, and you may reach that point where you don’t want the same things anymore.

  5. Your future doesn’t look the same. Similar to #2, your goals will determine how you choose to spend the rest of your life and whether or not you are willing to compromise on any of these.

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