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Wrap Yourself In Rich, Bold Layers This Autumn

Smokey-eyed and slicked to perfection, AW 2017 with Zando unravels rich layers of bold femininity.

Launched in March 2017, they’re here and they’re unashamedly style unrestricted. Michele Keytel, head of purchasing at Zando says: “We are super excited about the transitional launch. It is adaptable to a variety of our customers with a few surprises sprinkled in-between. Trends showcase complete opposites, from the dark mood of smoking hot velvets and suedes to a Goth flair colliding with sportswear with a then lighter, more feminine workwear slant.”

Themed Style

Four identified key trends lend themselves across the sexes this autumn: Daily Grind, Gothletic, Urban Explorer and Renaissance.

Daily Grind


Urban Explorer


Source and images: Zando

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