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Would You Like To Run Like A Pro?

Maybe not like Usain Bolt, but perhaps you’ve seen someone running by the roadside and thought how easy it looked? Well, it isn’t! Running requires various techniques in order to get it right.

It may be fun for some people and tiring or painful for others, but if you’re determined to be better or even the best at it, POPSUGAR.COM believes there are seven things you need to do to become a better at running.

Once you start running make sure you don’t stop. If you stop it means you must build your training strength back to normal. You can only become better by staying consistent.

2. Plan smartly

It’s not always about being consistent, but also about challenging your body. For example, instead of running on the treadmill, run outdoors, do easy runs or do negative splits. Running outside assists in building your muscle to help increase speed, endurance and helps in increasing distance and time.

3. Body posture

As mentioned earlier, running seems easy but it takes a lot of skill to avoid leaving your body prone to injury. You must always keep your head stacked over your spine, relax your shoulders, and ensure you engage your abs when running.

4. Running clothes

You don’t need to drain your credit card or spend a lot of money to dress like a runner. Get the perfect pair of running shoes and make sure they are comfortable to prevent injuries.

5. Consumption

You cannot run on an empty stomach and you cannot eat too much, either. Have a small snack rich in healthy carbs and protein in order to sustain energy.

6. Drink water

Always drink enough water before and during your run to ensure that your body won’t stop before the finish line – and to have a good run.

7. Don’t just run, do more

As much as you’re trying to improve your running pace when on the road, try to do other things when you’re not running. Remember to stretch after every run, do regular strength training as well and make sure that you get enough quality sleep.

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