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Wide Squat With Calf Raise For Leg Day

The words ‘leg day’ conjure up images of super-heavy weights. But a simple toning exercise with these simple moves can be just as effective.

This wide squat with calf raise exercise will make a good toning addition to your leg-day routine. Here’s how you can do it!

Step One: Stand with your feet about 120cm apart, with your toes turned outward.

Step Two: Bring your hands to a prayer position by your chest then move into a squat. Make sure your thighs are parallel with the floor with your knees over your ankles.

Step Three: Raise your right heel off the floor, and start pulsing your hips up and down in order to isolate your right calf.

Step Four: Do at least 12 pulses on your right side then change to your left side and do 10 pulses with your left heel raised.

Step Five: Do two sets on each side.

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