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Who Made Your Clothes?

As beautiful and persuasive as fashion can be, we need to talk about the seedy side that too often gets swept under the rug.

If I told you that those new T-shirts you just purchased were made in Bangladesh by an exploited, possibly underage person working in dangerous and unhealthy conditions, would you still wear them? A documentary called True Cost reveals the truth behind many of today’s fashions.

The atrocities of the sweatshops have led to consumers calling for more honest fashions and sustainable trends. You can help combat this kind of inhumane treatment of workers by upcycling clothing (customising old clothes and giving them new life) or by ensuring that your clothing was produced responsibly. Many retailers are transparent about the manufacturing process of the clothing they stock – or you can even contact the brands directly to find out more information about their processes.

Still not sure? Join the #whomademyclothes movement on Instagram and Twitter. Take a photograph of the label on said garment and hashtag it #whomademyclothes and cyberspace will award you a photograph of the person who made that particular brand’s clothing.

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