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Which Hair Colour Best Suits Your Skin Tone?

Have you ever wondered why some dark-skinned women can pull off blonde hair while others can’t? Your hair colour has the ability to transform your entire look, working either for or against you.

Choosing a good hair colour has a lot to do with understanding your skin tone. To determine if you have a warm or cool undertone, stand outside on a sunny day and look at the veins on the wrist. If they are green, your skin has warm undertones; if they are blue, your skin has cool undertones.

Now that you know the basics, let’s look at choosing best hair colours suited to dark skin tones. As African women, we can transcend beyond the safe black hair colour because we have a wide range of colours to choose from. Browns are great because they have a huge variation; reds and burgundy and selected blondes also work well.

If you still fancy your typical hair colour, you can experiment beyond deep and natural blacks with something a bit more daring like blue black. Darling hair expert Thomas Tsheola has broken this down for you:

  1. Browns – Dark skin tones naturally look dazzling in browns like dark chocolate brown, chestnut brown and medium auburn shades. To spice up these colours, try hairpieces that come in various ombre highlights.

  2. Blondes – The best ideas here would be to go for dark blonde dyes, then work them out with golden highlights. Try these on caramel highlights for a more appealing look.

  3. Reds – Almost every red colour, from the rich reds like burgundy, wine and plum to dark auburn reds, bright cherry and anything in between, are perfect for dark skin tones because of their ability to add that beautiful glow.

  4. Ombres – These colours have been trending for a while now, as they offer a wide range of options. In addition to highlights, they are a great alternative to full colour for those who want to experiment with different colour.

Source and images: Darling Hair

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