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When Your Bestie Should Come Before Your Man

If we could, we would spend most of our time with our partners. Let’s face it… Who hasn’t ditched their ladies to have a cosy dinner with their man? It isn’t easy to strike a balance between dating and friendships, but there are times when the guy just has to take a back seat to your BFF’s needs.

We asked around and these are the 5 most important times you told us when your BFF comes first.

  1. She Just Got Dumped!

This is the time when she needs you to be her shoulder to cry on, so be ready with a tub of ice cream, new man-bashing insults (it doesn’t matter that Cupid’s arrow is still firmly embedded in your butt), and copious amounts of Kleenex! The aftermath of a breakup requires a support team, so watch movies, laugh, cry and snuggle together… with your BFF!

  1. The Last Girl’s Night Out Was Last Month

A night out or movie marathon with your man is always great, but you need some girl time too. Who is going to hit the shops when the sales start, check out the latest make-up colours or watch that awesome chick flick everyone has been tweeting about? When you feel that too much time has passed without seeing your girl, slip her into your schedule! It’s only fair that she gets her regular hours with you too.

  1. After The BFF Fight

Running to your partner to seek solace after you’ve had yet another fight with your BFF is normal. Take some time to cool off and find solace in the arms of your man, but when the tears have stopped it is time to put your big girl panties on and talk it out with your girl, face to face.

  1. A Home Hair Disaster

Natural hair is the latest ‘in thing’… you knew that months ago… and your BFF has tried to do a little self-styling at home with the not-so-sharp kitchen scissors. If you’re like me, you will pack your bag with all kinds of haircare equipment and all the hats you can find in your closet, and rush to her rescue… after you’ve picked yourself up off the floor from laughing too hard!

  1. When She Needs A Plus One

She has to attend a wedding and there is nothing worse than watching everyone loving it up on the dance floor while you drown your sorrows alone at the table. This is a mercy date and you have her back! Plus, you get to go home and get some loving of your own!

Remember, there will come a time when you will hit a rough patch and need your BFF. Don’t dump her for Superman… she will be there when he flies away.

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