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What’s Valentine’s Day For A Millennial?

Millennials have redefined relationship structures, taking things into their own hands and empowering themselves by making their own choices.

What is a millennial? This is the buzzword for the young generation of today, who are finding their ways of working, running businesses, and, well, doing life. So what do millennials get up to on the relationship front? They marry later in order to tick items such as degrees, careers, businesses and travel off their individual bucket lists earlier.

If you’re a millennial, how will your Valentine’s Day look? Online comparison website, Hippo.co.za has compared the alternative ways of how you’re likely to spend this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Travelling – If you’re not experiencing the financial struggle of being a millennial, travelling will be a top option. Top travelling experiences are bathing in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, seeing the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, walking the Great Wall of China, soaking up the sun in Byron Bay Australia, or making pizza in Italy.

  2. An Insta-Series – Visual and vibrant, nothing can show off your relationship status better than Instagram, especially through the trending Instagram series. Millennial couples are likely to show the world what Valentine’s Day looks like by creating an exciting and creative Insta-series.

  3. Netflix and chill – A twist to the original Valentine’s Day pastime, without the need to dress up! Millennials have moved away from cable TV and going to movie theatres, which means couples are likely to snuggle up in front of their PCs or tablets to watch the latest movies or series together.

Aside from new experiences and changing how they do relationships, millennials are also making different financial choices, not relying on their parents to dictate which bank or insurer to use. Visit Hippo.co.za to help you choose from a range of South African providers when it comes to your financial wellbeing.

Source:  Hippo.co.za.

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