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Ways To Stay Fit In Summer

No matter how hot it gets this summer, don’t put your fitness aside.

Skipping exercise in summer means you might put on more calories, especially if you eat up a storm with all the festive delicacies everywhere you look. If you feel that working out is too much for you, there are ways you can stay fit during the hot summer season.

  1. Begin your day with warm lemon and honey water – It will give your digestion an extra boost and is great for your skin.

  2. Take the stairs – If you stuck in the office working till the very last day before Christmas, skip the elevator and take the stairs. Do the same in shopping malls, and park a distance away from the entrance so that you walk a bit further.

  3. Quick workouts – A 15-minute workout is better than none. Squeeze one in before you get busy with the day’s activities.

  4. Drink water ­– This goes without saying; it is important to drink water every day. However, during the festive holidays it’s even more important as it will fill you up and prevent you from eating too much, while detoxing your body at the same time.

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