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Ways To Show Your Partner You Appreciate Him

Does your partner surprise you every day and treat you like a queen? You might want to show him just how much you appreciate his affection.

I am single so I really can’t speak for myself, but I have a close friend whose relationship I’ve been observing and, I must say, my friend’s partner continuously goes above and beyond for her. Their relationship continues to grow stronger and I’ve always wondered how she shows him appreciation. I asked her to share her secrets and she gave us at least six tips.

  1. “I sometimes do things I hate” – This includes hanging out with his friends while watching soccer. My partner constantly invites me to hang out with his pals, so sometimes I ditch the girls or my favourite soapie omnibus and accept an invite because I know he’ll love it.

  2. “I cook his favourite food” – My partner is the best in the kitchen – even chefs cannot compare. But I know the fact that I’ve put effort into preparing his favourite dish will put a smile on his face.

  3. “I take him out on a date” – Although society makes it seem like it is a man’s duty to take a woman out, there’s nothing wrong with a woman doing it too. Sometimes I surprise my man with a reservation at a classy restaurant to wine and dine him.

  4. “I put on something a sexy number” – I pull out my sexy lingerie that he bought for me or I just buy something new. Either way, he’ll love looking at it and also taking it off!

  5. “I surprise him with lunch at work” – Only if I can, I pop into his office to give him some food.

  6. “I talk about his day” – I come back home with a bottle of wine and ask him how his day was, what he got up to and everything that has to do with him.

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