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Ways To Hide Stress

There are tricks to manage stress, but what do you do when it is actually visible on your face that you’re stressed? There are tricks to hide it and look lively as ever!

All4Women.co.za advises you do the following:

  1. Under-eye dark circles – These are very visible so if more than one person has asked you if you’re tired, it means you need a bit of concealer or liquid cream to cover any shadows around your eyes.

  2. Body odour  – When you’re stressed you tend to sweat, which can be unpleasant whether you’re at the office or in a meeting. Here’s how you can beat the sweat: sit down and relax for a few minutes, have a glass of cold water to help yourself cool down. Wipe any excessively sweaty area and spray yourself with a body deodorant or cologne.

  3. Looking drained? – Apply a bit of makeup to give yourself a little glow.

Alternatively, watch the video below to learn how you can deal with stress.


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