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Watch Out For These Breast Cancer Warning Signs

Did you know there are more warning signs of breast cancer than just lumps?

Below are seven warning signs from Natural Medicine that may indicate you have breast cancer.

  1. Breast lump – The most common warning sign is a lump or an area of stiffening that you or your doctor feels. It feels hard or irregular like a stone and feels different from the rest of the breast tissue.

  2. Changes in breast appearance – If you notice that the contour of your breast has changed, and become dimpled, twisted or retracted, you need to see your doctor. Also look for bulges and concavities.

  3. Nipple inversion – A cancer, which has spidery ‘fingers’, can start to pull the tissue into itself causing the nipple to retract and become inverted. Notice if your nipples look different, like if one of them is pulled in a different direction or if there is any unusual discharge.

  4. Breast inflammation – If your breast suddenly feels swollen, has a pink-red colour and the skin looks like an orange peel, get it checked out immediately. It could be just an infection, but inflammatory breast cancer comprises about five percent of all diagnosed breast cancers also appear this way.

  5. Underarm lump – There are lymph nodes under your arms that can also be affected by breast cancer. During your monthly exam, make sure that you raise you arm and feel around your breast and under your arms.

  6. Fatigue – Fatigue and loss of appetite are symptoms of later stage breast cancer. If you have unusual fatigue or you have back, hip or neck pain that you can’t trace then don’t delay in seeing a doctor.

  7. Age and genetics – These are actually risk factors and not warning signs, but when it comes to breast cancer, the more proactive you are the better. Women who have first-degree relative with breast cancer (mother, sister, daughter) should talk to their doctor about an early screening plan.

Source: Natural Medicine

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