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Walk In Converse-ation

Diehard Converse fans will be thrilled to know they have more choice than ever when it comes to where to shop for their favourite Converse styles.

Converse is now available both at Edgars and Edgars Active stores and the stores will be stocking core, Chuck II and fashion footwear styles for men, women and kids. The recently launched Converse Skidgrip collection will also be available in select stores.

In addition to a Converse footwear offering, kids’ clothes will also be available at the 30 Edgars stores in which Converse will now be sold. Edgars Active will offer the same footwear and kids’ apparel styles, while offering accessories such as bags and caps, and tees for men and women. Visit Converse to see what Edgars and Edgars Active have in store for you.

If you prefer couch shopping than actually heading out to the stores, visit the following online shops:




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