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Vision Problems Can Put You At Risk

An eye examination involves checking for any eye injuries, abnormalities and early signs of eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Eye exams are also a useful tool for detecting chronic systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes and cholesterol – a good reason to have a regular eye check. With Eye Care Awareness Month running from 19 September to 16 October, Mellins believes it is important in raising  awareness on vision impairment and the risks of poor eye health. Andre Horn, senior optometrist and managing director of Mellins i-Style, advises on how vision problems can put you at risk.

  1. Low vision can be fatal – Day-to-day tasks such as driving and climbing stairs can become more challenging if you can’t see clearly. A 2014 JAMA Ophthalmology study estimated a 31 percent increased risk of mortality among the 2 520 participants who had difficulty performing basic tasks due to low vision.

  2. Irregular eye examinations can mean serious health problems – Optometrists are often the first medical professionals to detect early signs of systemic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

  3. Anxiety and depression aren’t strangers to people with eye problems – According to a 2014 report from the US National Library of Medicine, people with low vision are often more stressed, frustrated, dissatisfied and tend to have a lower quality of life than people with 20/20 vision.

Serious health problems can trigger vision loss, but many people are not aware that eye problems can also put their life at risk. Make it a priority to go for regular eye exams.

Source: Mellins i-Style. Image: Pixabay

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