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Vanessa Gounden To Unveil The Question SS18

Vanessa Gounden will unveil its Spring/Summer 2018 Women’s collection this week Friday at New York Fashion Week.

The luxury women’s wear brand will be showcased for the first time at NYFW. The highly anticipated collection entitled The Question SS18 reflects the ethos of the finely handcrafted brand designed for the intelligent, glamorous, free-spirited woman who savours classic styles over fast trends. Bridging high fashion and ready-to-wear pieces, the collection is provocatively stimulating, catering to a plethora of occasions for those with refined taste. From everyday to couture, the fortitude of Artivism transcends all as the heart of Vanessa Gounden, merging fashion and art.

The journey commences with striking prints combined with daring colours, from orange hues to deep blues and exotic greens. Utilising post-modern chic, the range continues to encompass more subtle creams and softer lilacs like sublime watercolours enhancing the beauty of the female physique. The Vanessa Gounden SS18 collection speaks of storytellers, a bespoke fashion narrative. Evocative of the Odyssey depicting the birth of time and meaning, Vanessa Gounden’s shape and pattern explore the depths of thought and ideas about the universe. Each piece taps into stories untold and secrets yet to be discovered.

Acting as the meeting place, a love story between fashion and art. A deeper dimension of the curated collection is its vibrant array of textures and materials, showcasing a symphony of chiffon, organza, soft silks and crepes. Vanessa’s works, like that of art, are infinite, offering a fluidity to the wardrobe which transcends time and space.

The high-end beauty of the collection can be experienced in the bold prints – and the ready-to-wear through the ethereal silhouettes. The prints of each story aim to explore the three realms of knowledge that seamlessly flow through each piece. Celebrate the season with Vanessa’s signature style, The Question SS18’s fearless and innovative tailoring techniques fuse classic silhouettes to reflect the essence of the brand’s Knowledge series.

Source: Vanessa Gounden. Image: Tim Hulme

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