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Tricks To Beat Stubborn Body Odour

Do your pits resist even the toughest anti-perspirant? We have a few ways to help you always smell your freshest.

There are many different causes of body odour, so try to be as hygienic as possible. We’d like to believe you already do this, but wash yourself at least once day. If you’re a little lazy in the morning, wash before going to bed.

  1. Always apply an anti-perspirant or a roll-on in the morning after taking a bath or a shower. Also apply at night, as this is when they are most effective.

  2. Stop stressing about it otherwise you’ll worsen your BO. Stressing will only increase sweating. Always make sure you’re at ease and are comfortable. If your underarms always sweat, keep a pack of wet wipes and a deodorant close by to freshen up every now and then.

  3. Don’t wear fabrics that cause you to sweat more – avoid viscose/rayon, silk, polyester or polyester blends, nylon, and light-coloured fabrics that show sweat patches.

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