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Treating Dry Lips

Exposure to cold, windy and dry weather takes a toll on the most sensitive parts of your skin such as your lips. Rest assured, there are ways to restore yours to their former kissable glory!

Throw away that handy petroleum jelly you keep lathering on your dry lips! You might think it is helping, but it actually dries your lips out even more. The unnatural oil base feels soft and smooth, but forms a barrier that prevents any moisture from penetrating your lips.

How to treat dry, red, chapped and painful lips:

  1. Get a nourising lip balm that contains ingredients such as lanolin, shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, as well as an SPF. Apply it regularly throughout the day whenever your lips feel dry.

  2. Use a face cloth to exfoliate your lips once they’re no longer painful (or use a gentle exfoliator) to remove dead skin.

  3. Once your lips are smooth, continue to apply lip balm to keep your lips soft, moisturised and smooth.

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