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Trade In Your Heels for Sneakers

High heels were once considered the epitome of sophistication as well as a wardrobe staple for a well-dressed woman. However, with the rise of athleisure, designers and consumers alike are now preferring to integrate sportswear into their wardrobes.

Style icons like Victoria Beckham, who has always famously worn sky-high Christian Louboutin’s, recently announced that she was hanging up her heels in favour of sneakers, citing back pain caused by years of wearing towering shoes.

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A quick twitter poll by the retailer Spree revealed that 82% of shoppers actually prefer sneakers as their daily go-to shoes as opposed to just 18% preferring heels, testament to the popularity of heels falling flat. Commenting on the results, Chris Viljoen, Creative Director at Spree says, “All across the world we’re seeing a move to a more casual approach to dressing. With the rise of the biggest trend, athleisure, this makes perfect sense. We see that people want an easier solution that fits in with their lifestyle. No wonder women are trading in their heels for sneakers.” With the distinction between fashion sneaker and athletic shoe now blurred, consumers are favouring style over function.

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Source and images: Spree


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