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Top Seven Useful Yet Downright Outrageous Excuses For Being Late

Are you notorious for hitting the snooze button more than five times? You’re probably going to need a good excuse for being late to work again.

Let’s admit it, there’s nothing more dreadful than the sound of an alarm clock on a Monday morning. Satellite navigation systems with live traffic information can make your life easier, but there’s no way your boss is going to believe you were stuck in traffic now. To make up for it, TomTom has come up with a little book of excuses filled with creative excuses for serial latecomers. Here are seven excuses you might enjoy!

Excuses you might actually get away with…

  1. I thought I was being followed so I took the long route to try and shake them off. Rather safe than sorry, right? Your boss and colleagues will be so relieved to see you alive and well that no one will even remember how late you are.

  2. I thought I saw my soulmate, so I followed them. This works for being late to work or even drinks with friends, provided they’re all hopeless romantics like you (or a few drinks down).

  3. I parked further down the road to give myself some exercise. Who can fault you for putting your personal health and wellbeing first? Bonus points if you work up a visible sweat before walking through the door.

Excuses that will either work like a charm or earn you a warning letter…

  1. I decided to take all my toilet, coffee and smoke breaks at the start of my shift. You’re welcome.

A little snarkier than most bosses would find acceptable, but you may be in the clear if yours appreciates employees taking initiative, or has a good sense of humour.

  1. But to be fair, you set the start time way too early. This could go one of two ways: either your boss realises the merits of instituting a flexi-time policy in the workplace and you’re celebrated as a hero by all your co-workers, or your boss sends you packing and all your co-workers point and laugh as you’re escorted out of the building.

Excuses you probably shouldn’t use, ever…

  1. I started singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in the shower and had to finish.

Unless you can sing well enough to make it your career, or work for a die-hard Freddie Mercury fan, rather steer clear of this one.

  1. I was down at the pub with the lads… Damn! I was meant to lie about that bit. Who could give a damn about making excuses when they’ve been guzzling beer for the past three hours?

Whether you’re known as a latecomer at work, among friends or even at home, TomTom has got your back with a bank of sometimes nifty and always entertaining excuses to use. Download the TomTom’s little book of excuses for free.

Source: TomTom. Image: Pixabay

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