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Top Seven Tips For Travelling in Groups

Whether you’re organising one yourself, using a travel agent or deferring to experts, here are some things to consider when planning a group trip.

DreamTrips says you need to ask this important question: are you self-catering or are you booking an all-inclusive package? While self-catering may initially seem like a less expensive option, it can often work out more expensive in the long run. An all-inclusive package also makes it easier to work on a budget and to split the expenses among the people you are travelling with. It also takes some pressure off your wallet, as drinks and meals don’t rack up any additional expenses.

  1. Share the tasks

If you have decided on a package that isn’t all-inclusive, divide the responsibility for the meals (planning and preparation) among the families. Plan easy snacks and meals where everyone can put their own meal together, like burgers or tacos or a simple braai.

  1. Plan for everyone

Activities are great, but make sure there is something for everyone. The men might be looking forward to a weekend of golf or fly-fishing, but what are the women and children going to do when the guys don their waders or polish their clubs?

  1. Remember the little ones

Children will need safe entertainment in the form of protected swimming pools and play areas or game rooms. Take some DVD’s and board games along so that the children have something to do, while the adults chat. Discuss these activities with your group and make sure that there really is something for everyone.

  1. Itineraries are useful

Put an itinerary together beforehand so everyone knows where the meeting points are and the times that they need to be there.

  1. Enjoy down time

Don’t try to cram too much into one day – remember you’re on vacation! People may want some down time or alone time, while other activities take longer than planned when you’re with a larger group.

  1. Be fit to travel

Find a travel doctor in your area and ensure everyone has the necessary vaccines before travelling. For more information on the vaccinations you need for holiday destinations, visit Travel Safe Clinic.

  1. Communication is key

You don’t know someone until you have travelled together. Avoid any misunderstandings that could ruin your holiday; encourage open communication and an understanding that this is everyone’s holiday and everyone is entitled to enjoyment. If someone decides to relax at the house or hotel instead of participating in an activity, it’s ok!

Source: World Ventures. Images: BM Studios & Photography

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