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Top 8 Signs You Hate Being Around People

If the thought of getting up in the morning irks you because it means you have to deal with people, you probably hate being around a lot of people.

Being antisocial is not always a bad thing and not everyone is expected to enjoy the push and shove of crowds. If you are still not too sure about how you feel about groups of people, here are 10 clues you prefer to fly solo:

  1. You reject any invite that requires you to socialise with other people.

  2. Parties are not your thing.

  3. Your most used phrase is “I hate people”.

  4. You’re not even afraid to offend people.

  5. The thought of being alone forever doesn’t scare you.

  6. Whenever you come across a large crowd, you change direction just to avoid interaction.

  7. You love it when the streets are empty.

  8. You’re your favourite person.

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