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Top 14 Travel Essentials Checklist

The December holidays are nearly upon us, with countless South Africans set to pack their bags and head off for vacation.

Amid the thrill of an adventure, the stressful preparations can cause anxiety to the most seasoned of travellers. To help ease the burden, read ahead for HomingPIN’s essential checklist.

  1. Passport 

  1. Visas

  1. Itinerary

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  1. Credit/debit cards

  1. Foreign currency

  1. Birth certificates and certified documentation for children

  1. International driver’s licence

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  1. Car registration documents/Carnet – car passport for African countries

  1. Correct stickers for vehicles going into Africa

  1. Airline ticket

  1. Emergency contact details

  1. Travel insurance

  1. Cellphone and charger

  1. Set up roaming for your phone

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Source: HomingPIN. Images: Pixabay

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