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Top 10 Nubian Skin Nudes

Let’s be honest, it is difficult for black women to find nude clothing items to match their skin colour. Which is why we are thrilled that brands such as London-based Nubian Skin lingerie shop has recognised everyone’s shade.

Nubian Skin was launched in 2014 and according to Market Watch, “it sells what’s been generally difficult to find in the main-line marketplace: hosiery and lingerie matching darker skin tones.” Megastar Beyoncé has appeared in these under garments on her Formation Music Tour (2016) together with her dancers. The line has also been featured on the film Hidden Figures as well as American TV show, Empire. While ‘nude’ has long been associated with ‘pale pink’ in the fashion industry, Nubian Skin has brought a subtle difference in the meaning of this shade that we think is worthy of praise. In fact, we are such fans that we couldn’t help but share these 10 gorgeous looks from Nubian Skin’s Instagram page.

Images: Instagram.

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