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Top 10 Last Minute Bedroom Demands From Women

Last minute requests from women in the throes of passion are common, but vary wildly from country to country according to a recent study.

Victoria Milan asked 12 104 active male members from 21 countries what the most popular last-minute requests are of women they are taking to bed.

  1. Spain and Ireland – Women like to do it in the dark, with men from those countries saying a last-minute request for the lights to be switched off is the most popular thing they’ll hear whispered before the magic moment.

  2. Swiss and Austria – Ladies are known for being adventurous and active in the bedroom, but they like to keep these activities a secret from the world, safe from peeping eyes. Austrian and Swiss men say these women will only perform if the curtains are closed when it comes to crunch time.

  3. Norwegian and Danish – Ladies are no strangers to bedding down with strangers, but they are responsible when they have a random romp. Men from Norway and Denmark say their Scandinavian lovers are likely to whisper their request for their partner to put on a condom.

  4. United States and Australia – Women here are known to be boundary pushers in the bedroom, and it’s reasonable that their last request of their lovers is that he takes a shower before she indulges him. As she’s probably tempted him with the thought that she’ll be going places he has never dreamed of, he’ll be quick to bubble up.

  5. Hungary and Italy – Fresh breath when you’re getting fresh is important to the ladies from Hungary and Italy, who want their lovers to be minty. These ladies won’t hesitate in asking their man to pause the foreplay to brush his teeth.

  6. France and Portugal – Don’t get lost in the throes of passion. When it comes to the point of no return, the gentlemen say they have to indulge a last request for music to create ambience.

  7. Poland and Belgium – Women from these countries insist on keeping things silky smooth by whispering a last request for baby oil before they finally allow their lover to enter them. The gents from these countries say the intrigue of what she might do with it means they will stop everything in order to meet her last lusty request.

  8. Czech Republic, Germany and Finland – Socks and sex go together like pickles and ice cream – and should never be seen in the bedroom. Ladies insist their lover removes his socks before she’ll let him have the Holy Grail.

  9. Netherlands and South Africa – A little Dutch courage goes a long way with women from the Netherlands fully embracing the expression literally, and South African ladies joining them for a last drink. Men from these two countries say the women they take to bed usually ask for one more sip of wine or a shot of something stronger to give them that last blast of confidence.

  10. UK and Sweden – The men from these countries say the last request of Swedish and British women is to be undressed, bringing to mind bodice ripping images rather than slow and sexy stripteases.

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Source: Victoria Milan. Images: Pixabay

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