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Tone Your Legs For Summer

Gone are the days when women’s toned bodies were perceived as too masculine.

Women have become body conscious and engage in strength training exercises to burn fat and tone up. Strength training concentrates on the use of resistance to induce muscular contractions that builds the strength, anaerobic endurance and size of skeletal muscles.

The benefits in doing strength-training exercises include:

  1. Increased and restored bone density and strength.

  2. Greater muscle tone, strength and firmness.

  3. Improved balance and reduces risks of diseases.

  4. Enhanced performance in sports, exercise and life.

  5. Increased lean muscle tissue.

  6. Injury prevention.

  7. Increased metabolism.

  8. Boost your body’s stamina and endurance.

  9. Feeling and looking better

Check out the video for some workouts that can assist you in toning and sculpting your legs:

Image: iStock

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