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Tips To Using A Cab During The Festive Season

As the party season kicks off, you might be faced with the regular challenge; how do you get home once the celebrations are over?

Sharing a ride or a cab means you’ll not only save money, but also get home safe. In January 2016, Minister Dipuo Peters announced that festive season road accidents increased by 14%, with 1,755 lives lost during the holiday 2015–2016 holiday period. Therefore, safe transport options are importance. Uber simplifies the basics of getting around over the festive season, so you can always make the safe choice.

  1. Plan ahead
 – If you think your after-work drinks may include a few more glasses than expected, then plan in advance and take a cab to work. You can even schedule your ride in advance so you don’t have to worry about breaking up the festivities until your driver comes. Or, if the party takes you by surprise, rather catch a cab home.

  2. Know that you’ll get a driver, even in peak times – With transport providers such as Uber, there is often a fear that there won’t be enough drivers to go around over the festive period. During times of peak demand, there are enough driver-partners on the platform to accommodate those looking for rides. However, the fares might increase (surge) to ensure more drivers are available.

  3. Safety features – Not all taxi services are committed to commuter safety: will you know in who your driver is (his face, name, car registration, vehicle colour and license plate number)? With Uber, your ride is tracked using GPS and you can share your ETA allowing loved ones to see your trip in real time even if they don’t have the UBER app.

  4. Cash is safe – Don’t have a card? No problem! You can still ride with pay in cash. Simply choose the CASH option, take a ride and pay the fare directly to your driver at the end of the trip. All trips with Uber are GPS tracked and we know your location throughout every trip to ensure safety for you and your driver.

  5. Not everyone is around when you need help – You may need to get in contact with your driver because you left your wallet or handbag in their car. There’s a global network of support centers to provide you with 24/7 support and answer all your questions on the app.

  6. Have fun without worrying about your ride
– Take advantage of private cabs options so you don’t have to worry about parking, tipping the driver, being ‘over the limit’ or how you’re going to get home. When it is this fun, easy and available, there is no reason not to always make the responsible choice.

  7. New extra safety features – In addition to the the driver’s image, vehicle type and licence plate, riders across South Africa will see the colour of the vehicle when they request a ride. The vehicle colour will feature next to the vehicle’s license plate, for example: GG 257 YT GP (Red). There’s also an in-vehicle SOS button installed for Johannesburg users.

Source: UBER. Image: Pixabay

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