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Three Reasons NOT To Have Sex In A Hot Tub!

Don’t be fooled by the provocative scenes in the movies, where passionate lovers make love in a hot bath tub. It may seem romantic, but your health might not agree.

A hot tub is the least romantic place to have sex and is, in fact, very risky to your health. Health experts advise against having sex in water, as it increases your chances of contracting a bacterial infection. If you’re still not conviced, read on as to why you should keep your love-making ‘dry’:

  1. UTIs and yeast infections

You already stand a chance of UTIs or yeast infections when you take a leisurely soak in the tub by yourself. Add a partner for a romp, and the chances increase because it is easier for bacteria to enter your vagina when having sex. Chlorine in water can disturb the natural pH of your private parts and result in yeast infections.

  1. Condom may become ineffective

If a little yeast doesn’t stop you, perhaps pregnancy or an STI will? Water and the chemicals in it may affect the structural integrity of the condom and cause it to burst.

  1. Greater risk of STIs

It is a myth that chlorine kills off STIs! You can still contract sexually trasmitted infections even if the water is chlorinated.

Handy health tip: Was the hot tub already filled before you got there? We suggest you drain it before using it.

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