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Three Hacks To A Longer-Lasting Fragrance

Our economic times are tough, and they’re even tougher when you’re running out of your favourite perfume considering the fact that they’re so costly. The key is to make them last as long as possible!

Although fragrances are meant to be fleeting, it doesn’t mean the scent has to disappear as soon as it touches your skin. Here are three tricks to helping your perfume last longer.

  1. Hydrated skin – Always make sure that your skin is moisturised because if it is dry, it will not hold your fragrance very well. Beeswax and petroleum jelly are particularly useful; before spraying perfume directly on your pulse points, apply a bit of petroleum or beeswax.

  2. Never rub your wrists together – It is time to put an end to this old technique that we’ve learnt from our moms and sisters. It makes the perfume break down and fade away quickly instead of lingering. Apply the perfume on each wrist and leave them to dry.

  3. Apply immediately after the shower – Your pores open up when you’re in the shower because of the steam. Applying perfume immediately after you’ve showered will allow your pores to soak up the scent better and add to the duration of its effectiveness. This is also a good way to make sure your clothes don’t get stained.

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