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Three Hacks For Covering Breakouts

Have you ever glanced in the mirror while you’re brushing your teeth only to spot a breakout on your face? If you haven’t been there, trust us; it is annoying!

That’s when the panic sets in as you try everything to cover or camouflage the sports before you head out the door. We’re here to tell you that there may just be a few remedies right in your home…

  1. Concealer – We know for sure that your makeup bag contains a concealer. Use this to cover any spots or bumps that might have popped on your face. This will not only cover the breakout completely, but it will help make it less noticeable.

  2. If your skin is inflamed, use an ice block to soothe the area. Apply it on your skin for at least five minutes or until the ice block melts away.

  3. If you’re trying to treat spots, it is advisable to use something with anti-inflammatory properties and always pair them with soothing ones.

Remember not to scratch or fiddle with the skin!

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