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Three Hacks For A Longer-Lasting Wax

Some women prefer waxing to shaving simply because it lasts longer, but what if even after waxing your hair still grows faster?

We understand that you would be disappointed to find that if, after having experienced the pain of waxing, there was no gain and your hair grew back just as fast as if you had shaved. However, there are things you can do to delay your hair growth just a bit:

  1. Exfoliate – Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin and makes hair grow finely, while banishing the in-growth. Use a pumice stone or a body scrub regularly.

  2. Don’t shave between appointments – Shaving leads your hair to grow in random directions, so if you opt for waxing, stick to it. If you really need to be hairless in the interim, shave at least two weeks before your next wax appointment.

  3. Patience – If your hair isn’t long enough for waxing, it might break instead of be removed from the root. Wait a bit until it has grown a bit longer for a more successful wax.

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