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There’s More To Popcorn Than Just A Movie Snack

Popcorn may not be considered health food, but there are benefits to eating this puffed cinema snack.

According to Best Health Mag, popcorn is always a healthy snack alternative for the following seven reasons:

Weight loss: It is low in calories, sugar- and fat-free and also has low calories. Just don’t drown it in butter or add too much salt!

Whole-grain: It serves as a good source of dietary fibre.

Protein: There is more protein in popcorn than there is in potatoes (in other words, popcorn is a better snack option than potato crisps).

Gluten Free: For those who suffer from coeliac disease or are gluten or wheat intolerant, popcorn is a healthier alternative.

Averts hunger: Popcorn can be used as an in-between appetite filler to stave off your hunger without affecting your diet.

Affordable: Popcorn is an affordable snack that won’t make a huge dent in your pocket!

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