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The Grand White Comes To Jozi

If you’re as outgoing as I am, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be part of one of South Africa’s most highly anticipated events on the annual social calendar, The Grand White.

If you’re wondering what The Grand White is, it is a pop-up picnic event that takes place at a secret location in Johannesburg on 22 April 2017. The catch? The venue is only revealed on the morning of the event. Imagine a picturesque location, stylish and gorgeous people, delicious food, your favourite bubbly as well as trendy music and entertainment by some of South Africa’s top acts and musicians such as the SA’s undisputed Queen of Song, Lira.

To answer some of the many questions you might have (such as is it only meant for white people?) we’ve asked Stephan Dau, the founder of The Grand White SA, to tell us more about the event:

HM:        What is The Grand White SA all about?

SD:           The event is all about making friends and spending a beautiful day out with loved ones. The venue is secret and chosen from the best locations each city has to offer and the dress code is white with a touch of green. Throughout the afternoon and evening the guests will have the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, eat delicious food, listen to live music and experience a great entertainment.

HM:        What is the significance of the colour ‘white’? Why not use any other colour like black or gold?

SD:           White represents purity; unity and freedom; we have also incorporated a touch of green into the all-white to symbolise care for the enviroment.

HM:        Where does the concept originate from and what was the main purpose behind it?

SD:           I came to South Africa from Germany many years ago and had the idea to create an event where all types of people can enjoy a beautiful day outdoors. I conceptualised the event and have taken the idea to all regions locally and have plans to expand to New York (USA) in 2018.

HM:        Why should we attend The Grand White?

SD:           It is a beautiful day out with friends with amazing entertainment; ambiance; food and drinks.

HM:        What kind of food should people expect? Will there be well-known chefs cooking on the day?

SD:           People are able to bring in their own picnic baskets, but there will also be some food trucks set up selling the likes of barbequed ribs, oysters and many more. There will also be a cash bar throughout the day. With regards to music, we are excited to present the incredible Lira, Micasa and many more!

Yes, it is another chance to get together and party, but The Grand White dinner also aims to help unite South Africans and raise awareness of environmental care, partnering with the likes of Green Pop and Impact. See you there, right?

Event Details

Date: 22 April 2017

Venue: The venue will be revealed the morning of the event at 9am.

Line-up: Visit The Grand White Facebook Page

Times: 12h00 to 20h00

Tickets: Tickets range from R440, visit the general ticket link: http://tickets.thegrandwhite.com

Images: The Grand White SA

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