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The Girl Code

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you have female besties, I hope you know all the rules of the Girl Code!

No? Well, to give you an idea, the code consists of unspoken rules that you and your ladies should follow. While you might feel that this may make the friendship rigid and boring, when you use the rules wisely, you’ll see that that really isn’t the case.

In my group, I’m usually the rule bender, but when it comes to the girl code, I follow out because I know that this can make our friendship grow and I know that my girls will always have my back and me theirs, especially when it comes to forming a barricade against a creeper trying to make a move on one of us!

There’s usually more than 20 but today we’ll just look at the 10 Girl Code Rules that should never be broken!

  1. Never date your friend’s ex!

Ex’s are off limits. I’m sure there’s a place somewhere were it is some sort of feminism rule, let’s look that up…

  1. Don’t befriend the ex’s new girlfriend

Like why would you even talk to her? Even if the new girlfriend looks good, to you she’ll always look like an orc from The Lord Of The Rings! Giving you that stinky look!

  1. Watch out for your friend when they’re on a date.

By the time she tells you that she’s going on her first date your should know the following:

  1. His name

  2. Address

  3. Type of car he’s driving (colour, number plate etc…)

  4. Name of restaurant

And most importantly, you should be on standby (the “BAIL ME OUT” sms will come through), in case you have to rescue her!

  1. Allow your friend to vent when she needs to.

You are basically her toy, and you hers, so if she needs to cry, shout or just pinch something, be there, let her do it and take it like a strong woMan!

  1. Don’t abandon her when she’s drunk

Firstly, advice her to take off her high heels when you’re going home because she’ll probably fall over more than once, you might have to hold back the weave as she throws up in the toilet (I’d probably end up throwing up myself so I try not to be anywhere near someone throwing up, but you be a good friend now!)

  1. Crushes, just like ex’s are off limits

This is a hard one, but if she liked him first, whenever he comes around just look the other way… Eish but what if it’s Orlando Bloom, or Robert Pattinson or Theo James?

  1. Boost each others confidence

When you go out, you’ll probably end up in a bathroom with other beautiful ladies, you know your friend and she might be feeling out of place, look at her, help her powder her nose and tell her that she looks even more beautiful!

  1. Let her know when she’s wearing a wrong outfit

First of all know this, when you ladies step out, everyone will look at you, not just your friend. So make sure that everyone is on point before you all leave the house. I’m no fashionista, but I do know how to co-ordinate so my friends are covered, are yours?

  1. Be there for her after a bad breakup

Have chocolate ice-cream ready, box of tissues, a RomCom and be ready to say everything she needs to hear, “men are all the same…” even if you know that you’ll likely be calling your man later to let him you’re rescheduling your date.

  1. Make sure that you celebrate every big moment with a dance

My girls and I have this unique dance tat involves jumping around, some screaming, and it usually ends with all of us rolling on the floor with laughter! Create one that will be get you and your ladies in similar spirits, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s got to be fun!

By Thina Mthembu[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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