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The African Sunset Ombre Revealed at SFW

Darling Hair announced the launch of its new African Sunset Ombre range during Africa Month at the Soweto Fashion Week.

In its fifth consecutive year, the Soweto Fashion Week (SFW) Autumn/Winter range ran from 24 to 28 May 2017 at the Soweto Theatre. The hairstyles paid homage to African hairstyles from then and now – from the intricate braided styles worn in the 1500s and big Afros of the 1960s to the contemporary styles borrowed from the past and coupled with today’s creative flair.

Currently, the world is drawing inspiration from Africa to express itself through beauty, art or fashion, all of which tie into the African woman re-inventing herself. This Ombre range is inspired by the colours of the African sunset and seeks to make African women embrace, appreciate and celebrate being African. After five years of successful partnership with SFW, the talented Darling stylists used hair extensions from the collection to style the runway models and incorporated unique, avant-garde hairstyles into their African Sunset Ombre hair range to suit the designers’ collections.

This collection, together with the #DarlingLovesAfrica campaign, gave them the opportunity to create hairstyles that are trending across the globe. Darling Hair also showcases weaves in different colour options, from solid purples and blues, to Ombres and blends, as well as natural hair extensions that comprise of big Afros in all curl patterns. Their braid range includes faux locs and vintage styles inspired by different cultures of the Africa diaspora and we believe that lovers of curls and braids will find what they are looking for.

Source and images: Darling Hair

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