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Taste the Spring Equinox In A Glass

Spring is the season of new beginnings; animals awaken, fresh blossoms bloom and the earth seems to come alive again. Now is the time to plant your cucumbers and get those roses ready for summer.

Every September we experience an equinox. Meaning “equal night,” this bi-yearly occurrence marks the only time of year when day and night are of equal length. This cosmic wonder occurs when the earth is tilted neither towards nor away from the sun and signals the end of winter. Just in time for the change of season and in budding celebration of spring, Hendrick’s Gin has crafted the Equinox Cocktail, an extraordinary tipple ideal for applauding the intriguing marvels of our wondrous planet and sharing with friends.


Skill Level: Novice

This cocktail combines the dry tones of the Noilly Prat Vermouth with the splendid citrus notes of spoon lemon bitters. Garnished with the mysterious tastes of orris root and vanilla smoke, the Equinox cocktail highlights the flavour of the orris root, one of the eleven botanical ingredients found in this award-winning gin.


50 ml Hendrick’s Gin 12.5 ml Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth 1 bar spoon lemon bitters

Orris root, vanilla (smoke)


Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass and stir over block ice until well chilled, mixed and slightly diluted. Single strain into martini glass with saucer and glass dome. Place glass dome over drink and using a hand smoker filled with orris root and vanilla smoke. Garnish with cucumber round.

Source: Hendrick’s Gin. Images: Hendrick’s Gin and Pixabay

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