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Stuff It In A Duffel, Dude!

Duffel bags are great for mini-vacations, when you need a bag to throw in all your things.

Yes, they look sporty but that doesn’t mean they are exclusively for gym. Typically made out of cloth, the duffel bag gained status in the surfer subcultures of post-WWII California and east coast Australia, until fading out of use in the mid-1960s. But, as we know, trends come and go, and it’s back in leather, with a modern design and even wheels! This is a good enough reason to make it your go-to travel bag. For instance, Love Milo, just launched its new range in stripe, triangle and cosmos designs with genuine leather straps and cotton canvas with black lining.

For more duffel bag styles, visit Spree, Superbalist and iBags and pick the one that best suits your personality.

Images: Love Milo, ibags, Spree and Superbalist

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