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Stop Your Nails From Breaking!

There is a certain elegance to hands with neat, long fingernails, but growing them is not nearly as rewarding if they always split or break.

Don’t lose heart just yet! We have three ways how you can improvise your manicure routine and file, buff and shape.

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  1. File

Put away your nail clipper and just file your nails instead. Clipping your nails increases the chances of your nails breaking or splitting. Rather file them gently in one direction with a soft nail file or emery board until you reach the desired length.

  1. Buff

Gently buff with a soft buffer them in order to keep their surface smooth. You don’t need to use a coarse file at all; a soft sponge buffer and polisher does a great job, but only do this once a month to prevent weakening your nails.

  1. Shaping

Another trick to prevent your nails from breaking is to reshape with a fine nail file as soon as you pick up a bit of uneveness.

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