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Stay Cool On Hot Summer Nights

Most of us love summer because we get to go on picnics, tan on the beach and sip on iced drinks. Then there are those who hate the hot summer nights.

Let us help you make your summer slumber more bearable in these eight ways:

  1. Go for cotton – We know you love your expensive satin and silk, but rather opt for lightweight cotton sheets.

  2. Use a hot water bottle for cold water – You don’t only use your hot water bottle in winter. Stick it in the freezer and chillax!

  3. Sleep the Egyptian way ­­– Yes, Egyptians have their own way of sleeping! Dampen your towel or sheets and use them as a blanket.

  4. Place ice in front of a cooling fan – Fill a bowl with ice and put it in front of a cooling fan to create your own air conditioner.

  5. Cool your pulses ­– Apply ice packs onto pulse points such as the wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles and behind the knees.

  6. Sleep alone – Not all lovebugs will agree, but sleeping alone will definitely keep you cooler between the sheets.

  7. Drink water – Stay hydrated and drink up a storm before you hit the bed, but be prepared for that 4am bathroom marathon. Also, cold showers have more than one purpose.

  8. Switch off the lights – You won’t only save electricity, but your bedroom will instantly feel cooler without heat-emitting lightbulbs glaring down on you.

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