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Stair Up Your Fitness Game

We are all guilty of using elevators to move between floors or levels at work or at the mall. But do you know that using stairs is as good as going to the gym or a run?

It’s time to stop pressing the elevator button and head for the stairs instead. Fitday.com says walking up the stairs is not only good for your wellbeing, but it also saves you time and energy.

  1. Workout: Climbing the stairs is equivalent to 30 minutes of your total daily physical workout? Think about it, you don’t need to pay for a gym membership, a personal trainer or even buy equipment. You can do it anywhere and any time.

  2. Healthy Heart: Climbing the stairs can help to lower your cholesterol by reducing tension and stress that can have a negative effect on your heart. Hypertension and other heart diseases can also be improved.

  3. Longevity: Adding more years to your life is as simple as climbing the stairs. Improve your muscle strength and overall health by decreasing your risk of different ailments.

  4. Time And Energy Conservation: It is quicker to climb up a few stairs than to wait for the elevator to make its way to your floor, especially during peak hour. Using the stairs also requires less electricity.

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