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Squat Hop Your Way to Stronger Legs

It can be tempting to skip leg day because the after effetcs are horrid, but make no mistake, leg exercises are key to having strong legs.

POPSUGAR challenges you to add the following move to your leg exercise routine for stronger legs:

Step 1: Before you start this move, visualise a large square on the floor, and you’re standing in the bottom-right corner, feet hip-distance apart.

Step 2: Keeping weight in the heels, bend the knees and squat down. Take a huge jump forward to the top-right corner of that imaginary square, landing quietly back into a squat.

Step 3: Keep going around the square, jumping to the left, jumping back behind you, and jumping to the right. Now you’re back where you started.

Step 4: Reverse your jumps around the square in the opposite direction.

Step 5: This counts as one rep.

Step 6: Complete three reps.

Still find the instructions above challenging? Watch the video above.


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