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Spring Into Summer

With Spring Equinox having passed, it’s time to gear up for South Africa’s favourite season with this curated list of essentials from

  1. Turn up the heat. What would a South African summer be without a braai? Whether you’re a braai master or a beginner, choosing the right braai can only up your game. The burning question is do you get a wood/charcoal braai to give the meat a lekker flavour, a gas braai for a fast feast or a kettle braai that allows the braai boss to relax while it does its thing? The team at PriceCheck says it’s actually the accessories that will take braai mastering to another level – what tjop would try argue with someone who has their very own braai toolkit and awesome apron all in one?

  2. Do it for the ’gram. We all know that if you don’t Instagram something it didn’t really happen, so be sure to take a portable phone charger with you wherever you go to share summer 2017 with your followers. Win even more likes by getting onboard the ‘floaty trend’ that has seen swimsuit-clad celebs splashing about on inflatable swans, flamingos and unicorns.

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  1. Safe swimming in style. To ensure that yours is the coolest (and safest) kid at the beach or dam or by the pool, Marvel Avengers Children’s Swimming Arm Bands and Disney Frozen Children’s Swimming Arm Bands are a must.

  2. Feel fan-tastic. Beat the hot, sleepless summer nights with a much-needed fan.

  3. No more boring summer holiday snaps. Whether you’re shark-cage diving in Cape Town, deep-sea diving in Durban or surfing in the Eastern Cape, capture all the exhilaration of your adventure with a GoPro.

  4. Tune in. Summer will definitely not be a bummer with brand new hits from the likes of Lana Del Rey, Harry Styles, Carly Rae Jepsen and Drake. Portable speakers (some even splash proof) will ensure you always have your soundtrack to the season handy.

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Source: Price Check. Image: Pixabay

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