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Six Top Gardening Tips

We love the warmer months of spring and summer because even those who aren’t blessed with a green thumb can give gardening a go.

If you’re not an avid gardener, we suggest you start with baby steps and embrace the instinct that is in all of us! Probably the most important rule is that you need the right tools – just as it’s really frustrating to try cut a piece of wood with a rusted saw, so is gardening without the right tools. The right tools make the job so much easier. And while you’re at it, dress the part and look like a pro! So let’s start with the basics – a fork, spade, hand trowel and hand fork.

The golden rules of hand tools:

  1. You get what you pay for: Don’t be the first-time gardener who bends the garden fork! Buy once and buy right.

  2. Always clean your tools after gardening so that they last longer. Use all-purpose 3-in-one oil and a clean cloth, and give them a good wipe.

  3. Keep them in one place. This may sound silly, but make sure you have easy access to your tools and that they are ready for action when you’re in the mood to dig or plant!

  4. Only one person per pair of secateurs (those things you use for pruning) for hygiene purposes.

  5. Make sure they stay sharp. Secateurs should not be used for cutting wire, opening paint tins or, even worse, undoing screws!

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Springing into action

  1. Sow watermelon seed They’re so easy and the rewards are super cool.

  2. Go out and buy a clivia, the gorgeous flowers last for weeks indoors or on the patio. When they have finished flowering, plant the little guy in a shady spot or in a pot. When the red seeds ripen, try your hand at becoming a parent of one or two.

  3. Make sure your lawnmower is working and even send it for a service so that it can cope with your summer lawn.

Gardening essentials

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