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Six Things To Share On A First Date

The Internet has plenty of first-date advice, but we believe the most important is always to be yourself, especially when you’re meeting for the first time.

These are a few things to share and avoid on your first date:

  1. Your past relationships

It is okay to share about your past relationships; the trick is not to talk about how you’re still hung up your ex, or give too much details. Tell them how long the relationship and how it ended.

  1. Political views

It is important to share select political opinions before you get in too deep. Even though this doesn’t define you as a person, they’ll get a clear picture on how you look at the world. Avoid heated debates at this stage.

  1. The love you have for your career or job

Always talk about your passions such as your career, especially with someone you view as a potential mate. This will also teach them abour your work, but don’t bore them!

  1. Your hobbies

Don’t be too shy to share your interests and allow them to share theirs, too. Be honest about your time; let them know when they are likely to see or hear from you.

  1. Your goals and ambitions

Talk openly about your amibitions, goals and what you’d like to accomplish in life.

  1. Children

It is important to let them know if you have children, as well as the ages of your children. Let them decide if they’d like to stick around or move on to a more suited partner. Stay away from albums and stories about their school achievements (or their father)!

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