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Six Signs There’ll Be No Second Date!

First dates are exciting and can make you feel like a teenager again, but they also have the potential for disaster!

Although something like bad breath can be a turnoff, it isn’t quite enough to discard the chance for a second date. We have six dealbreakers that we can safely say should mean that your first date is definitely your last date!

  1. You’re already disagreeing

You don’t want to get all fired up with passion only to find out 10 dates later that your fundamental values and beliefs differ drastically. You also don’t want to have awkward, intense conversations on a first date, so save these sensitive topics for the second or third date. If they’re thrown out there on the first date and you and your date are already hot under the collar, perhaps a second date should be off the cards.

  1. Too many silent moments, AKWARD!

It’s normal to have a few pauses in conversation during a first date, but if you are unable to fill those gaps with anything other than awkward silence, you probably don’t have much in common.

  1. Answering calls and replying to texts

Technology is central to our lives, but taking calls or replying to texts on a first date is simply rude and disrespectful. If your date doesn’t value your time or have any interest in what you have to say, get up and leave.

  1. No chemistry

This is a tricky one, because you can grow to like and love someone. Physical attraction is an important indicator of romantic potential, but it shouldn’t be the sole standard by which you measure a potential partner. You also shouldn’t fake or force it, so use give it careful consideration before you agree to a second date.

  1. You already want the bill

If you’re picking at your starter and looking for any excuse to get the bill, it is probably time to call it a day.

  1. You feel interrogated when talking instead of being in a conversation

First dates may be a little bit more Q&A than you are used to, but this is a good way to get to know someone. Let your date know if you feel that your personal space is being invaded or if their questions are just too intrusive. If they don’t back off, bye Felicia!

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