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Six Secrets To Healthy And Beautiful Braids

Are you tired of being bombarded with tips about to take care of your hair and how to keep your braids looking ‘selfie fresh’ for longer that never seem to work?

Darling Hair expert, Emelang Moyo has over 22 years of experience. She says, “Women tend to neglect their hair when they’re wearing braids resulting in dry, brittle and breaking hair – and no woman wants to experience that! To lessen the stress on the hair, I recommend the tips below to my clients to encourage healthy scalp and strong hair growth.”

1.Shampooing and treatment – Go for a treatment before putting on a new set of braids to help with overall health of the hair and scalp, keeping your hair hydrated and strong. It is wise to use a moisturising treatment for the scalp to replenish moisture, oils and nutrients often lost when hair is braided because the scalp is exposed to elements. This also helps prevent itchiness and flaking of the scalp.

2. Shampooing – The hair takes strain when it’s pulled and kept under braids. Once you have your braids in, make sure to shampoo with a hydrating shampoo and lukewarm water once every two weeks over a six-week period. A hydrating shampoo does not only cleanse the hair and scalp, but is also gentle and will not leave your hair and scalp feeling coarse and dry.

3. Hair spraying – Having braids doesn’t mean you can just forget about your hair. It is advisable to moisturise your hair and scalp with a good conditioning braid spray like a braid sheen spray at least two or three times a week. Ensure that you shampoo your hair to also remove product buildup that is often confused with dandruff (a medical condition). If you use either a hair food or braid spray more than necessary, then shampoo your hair instead of scraping any buildup off to prevent scalp damage.

4. Deep conditioning – When deep conditioning is done correctly and at the recommended time, it will be easier to create attractive styles with your braids knowing that you can show them off with confidence. After you’ve taken your extensions out, deep condition your hair to restore lost moisture and replenish your hair and scalp in time for your next braid session.

5. Sleeping – Protect your braids and keep them on longer by tying them in a wide-holed hair net designed for your braid style. This keeps your hair intact while you sleep and cuts down on preparation time in the mornings.

6. Styling – Be gentle when using accessories so that you do not pull out the roots of the hair causing baldness or scalp irritation. Brush with a soft brush around the hairline, especially when the braids are a couple of weeks old, for a neat, blended and polished look.

“Invest in your hair, it is your one and only crowning glory,” concludes Emelang.

Source and Image: Darling Hair.

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