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Should South African Women Walk For Change?

“When black women walk, things change,” says the founders of GirlTrek, T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison.

GirlTrek is a national health movement where thousands of blacks to walk in order to change their lives and their communities. Dixon and Garrison are on a “mission to reduce the leading causes preventable death among black women and build communities in the process.” They want women to prioritise their “self-care, lacing up their shoes and walking in the direction of their healthiest, most fulfilled lives.” Listen to Morgan and Garrison talk about their movement on TED Talks.

South Africa has made social media headlines lately due to a recent spate of attacks, kidnapping and killing of women and children, not least of which is Karabo Mokoena. Her boyfriend is under investigation for her murder, as well for allegedly burning and disposing of her remains in a veld.

Do you think a movement like GirlTrek can bring about change and protect women against such atrocities as human trafficking, rape, kidnapping and murder in South Africa? Share your thoughts with us #WalkForChange hashtag and tag us on Twitter @EssaysOfAfrica.

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