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Sex Positions To Wow Your Partner!

Explore these sexy variations that will have your partner begging for more.

  1. The Slept

Lie sideways on the bed while your partner does the same and enters you behind; stretch your leg backward to hook it onto his body. This is a great position for well-endowed men and flexible women. Your man will have easy and comfortable access to your love button, as well as your breasts.

  1. The Deep One

This position has total penetration. You lie down on your back, open your legs and raise them above your partner’s shoulders as he enters you. Let him hold onto your legs or hips to guide his entry as he penetrates you deeply.

  1. Animal Love

Known to many as ‘doggy style’, this position will make both of you feel a little animalistic. You might be on your knees on the bed, or stand bending over holding onto something to brace yourself as he enters you from behind with wild thrusts. The position is great for deep penetration and contact, allowing him to rub your clit or you his testicles, and the view for him is phenomenal. He can rub himself between your buttocks, which will heighten his pleasure tenfold. If you are both up for a little anal penetration, ensure that you are generous with the lube!

  1. Woman on Top

Let your man rest on his back as you mount him – this position allows him to watch everything while you take complete control of speed and penetration.

  1. The Delight

Sit on the edge of the chair or bed and have your partner kneel down in between your legs so that he is the same height as your ‘hoo-ha’. Open your legs or wrap them around him to receive penetration from your companion.

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