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Seven Ways To Have Better Sex

There are many ways to up your game in bed and they have nothing to do with sex positions!

Sexual intercourse between partners is an important part of a relationship, but there is more to sexual intimacy than penetration. Take note of the following for an improved sex life:

  1. Enthusiasm: Showing genuine enthusiasm when physically engaging with your partner is a turn on for them. This is easier when you have open communication and ensure that you really enjoy the acts you are doing.

  2. Create ambience: Mood matters! If you’re planning to make love to your partner, build up to the event with great music; wear sexy underwear and splash on an enticing fragrance. Remember to ensure that your bed is inviting (toss off all the pillows!).

  3. Don’t overeat: It is difficult to work up a sweat when you feel so full that all you want to do is sleep. Avoid eating foods such as garlic that might be overpowering – unless your partner can match it with garlic as well.

  4. Take deep breaths: Believe it or not, slow and steady breathing relaxes the body and helps you connect with your senses. This increases your chances of reaching orgasm.

  5. Be passionate towards your partner: Give your partner your full attention when you’re together. This is great way to have a ‘conversation’ with your partner’s body and find out what is actually pleasurable to them.

  6. Feel the part: Set the mood, but stepping into the role of vixen in a sexy outfit or lingerie will help boost your confidence. Go on and buy that lacy negligee – you’re worth it!

  7. Pre-foreplay: Foreplay doesn’t only begin with kissing and touching. Seduce him with enticing messages and promises throughout the day to build up anticipation of the main event.

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