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Seven Ways To Grow Up At An Early Age!

Have you ever seen that meme that warns: “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap”? We believe it, because growing up means having to pay your own bills and be accountable for your life.

After the initial excitement of moving out of home wore off, I began to wish I had stayed at home. If you haven’t flown the coop yet, learn from my experience because it made me wish I had grown up much faster.

  1. Saving money helps a lot – If I hadn’t used my first, second and perhaps 14th paycheck to buy clothes I would’ve been able to afford furniture when I moved into my own place.

  2. Be true to yourself all the time – I succumbed to so much peer pressure while growing up that I ended up neglecting the person that I am. Being yourself all the time is the best thing you can do for yourself.

  3. Working hard pays off – What you have in life often depends on the amount of work you put in. Work hard to get what you really want.

  4. There are no free meals and drinks ­– Anyone who invites you for lunch or drinks expects something in return. Be careful of people’s motives no matter how good they seem.

  5. Owning up to mistakes – When you’re on your own, you can’t really shift the blame onto your siblings when things go wrong. I’ve learnt that it is easier to own up to your mistakes and avoid a lot of things.

  6. Love is not enough – Getting my heart broken because I loved someone was a painful experience. Love isn’t the only thing I need to be happy; there’s pizza, friends and good music, too!

  7. You’ll love your family more – We sometimes move out of our childhood home because we want to get away from our parents and family. I miss mine every day.

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